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Thursday 31 July 2014

   | Reversible Bag | *Paul's Boutique |
   | Midi Dress | Charity shop |
   | Floppy Hat | H&M |
   | Necklace and Earrings | Topshop |
   | Shoes | my1stwish |

oh lawdddd it feels so good to be back blogging!
Before this post i wanted to do a 'fill in the blanks' of the past three months of my life,
to explain the absence, etc..

but of course, me being me, I've left it last minute and in 5 hours I'm heading off to Cannes,
so I'm quickly scheduling a couple of posts for you guys,
and hopefully, fingers crossed, going to take a handful of posts out there,
apologies for any spelling mistakes or an inability to string a sentence in this post,
tired is an understatement right now..

Anyway, this outfit..
I was kindly gifted this Paul's Boutique bag wayyyyy back,
I used it to death at school and it's still going strong!
I love the fact that it's reversible, and they have so many different colours to pick,
but i went safe and just picked the cream and navy option, a dark and light bag in one and for only £45's,
much say.. that is a BARGAINNNN
thanks Pauls Boutique people!
honestly was a little sceptical of looking on the site at first, 
i remember when i was 12 i really wanted the one with badges and loads of dangly things hanging off it,
but now.. Paul's Boutique is SNAZZYYYY, top notch deffo!

and this dress!! Could not believe my eyes when i walking into my local charity shop,
what a beasttttt of a dress!
And it doesn't come up well on here, but there's little iridescent sequins also,
and it only cost me £4'sssss, whey hoooo

This outfit is basically all bargains,
the hat is my little sisters, but she bought it for 5 euros in a H&M in spain,
my necklace was a Topshop Sale,
and all the shoes from my1stwish are cheap as chips!!!

Hopefully I'm back to blogging,
hope everyone is doing mighty fine and thanks for sticking with me guys!
Hello to the few newbies also,

much love 


  1. Yaaay glad to see you back girl! Cannot believe you found that dress in a charity shop. It's gorgeous!! Whaaaat an amazing find.
    Hope you have a ball in Cannes!
    -Kate x
    from Bleached Mort

    1. Thanks!
      Me neither! I walked past it at first and thank god i had another browse through haha!

  2. such a cute outfit, love the shoes sooo much.


  3. such beaut shots and i cannot BELIEVE you got this gorgeous dress for so cheap in a charity shop, well done girl!
    sara x

  4. That dress is adorable ! Love the necklace !


  5. This dress is so pretty, i love the way you have styled it too! Amazing girl! x


  6. That dress is amazing! Can't believe you picked it up in a charity shop! <3

  7. i love this crochet dress - great find! <3

    velvet-daisy.blogspot.com x

  8. YAY YOUR BACK!!!!!!
    We missed you. That dress is amazzzzzing xx

  9. Well aren't you just a vision! You look absolutely stunning! xx

  10. So jealous that you found that dress in a charity shop - really need to start scouring my local ones! x

  11. The dress and necklace are gorgeous! lovely look head to toe!
    xx Ayesha


  12. ahh you look so fab gal! this dress is amazing, cannot believe you got it from a charity shop, so darn lucky!


  13. You look so lovely, the dress is so amazing and the whole outfit just as such a summer vibe! and what a bargain for £4 the dress was! Have a lovely time ins Cannes x

  14. I love this outfit! so chic being all white but so summery and boho and pretty! x

    India Charlotte♥

  15. Love this outfit and the scenery!
    love love love it!!

    Emmie xx

  16. I get so excited when I see you have posted! Absolutely love your style.

  17. Wow these photos are so stunning, gorgeous dress and beautiful location!


  18. I know! I couldn't believe my luck wooo


Thanks for all the fab messages! x