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Tuesday 5 August 2014

    | Two Piece | *Missguided |
     | Jacket | Depop: Orig. Topshop |
     | Rucksack | Charity Shop |
     | Shoes | my1stwish |
     | Necklace | Market in Thailand | 
     | Earrings | Topshop |

Another item that was gifted to me wayyyy back,
 and i apologise to the fabulous Missguided team for this post being so late :(((
But HOW cool is this two piece? the back (or lack of back) alone just sold it to me,
(and it has the right amount of side boob too, woo)

But, trying to put this top on and off slightly intoxicated has proven to be a mighty challenge,
so: advice of the night- drink responsibly when wearing this outfit
And of course you all know how ridiculously cheap Missguided is.. £25's for this two piece, £25's!!
That shit cray

I paired it with my latest depop purchase, this bolero-esque jacket from topshop (originally)
I just love the excessive amount of tassel's it has to offer,
and the sided patches, 
although, i did manage somehow to rip a massive hole in the sleeve whilst taking pics

i tell you, blogging.. is indeed an extreme sport,..
and again with the shoes from my previous post, i just lavvvv them

And another cheap and cheerful purchase from one of my local charity shops is this rucksack,
I just fell in love with all the little compartments and the size of it
(although i didn't really get a good pic of it)
it is may-husiveeee, literally a modern day Mary Poppins bag, and the obvious winner..
it twas' v. cheap, yay
it will do until one day i get my hands on a Graffea rucksack, one day...

have a fab week,
chat soon


  1. so perfect! oh your poor jacket! i've done the same thing trying to take pictures! xxx

  2. Absolutely love the co-ord and the way you styled it x

    BLOG | Talking Pickles

  3. This co-ord is amazing! i love that you have styled it with a black kimono! Great post! x


  4. Gorgeous, loving that two piece and that jacket you paired with it is too cute!

  5. love this two piece, looks so funky with that tasseled jacket!

  6. Loooooove that necklace!

    Emmie xx

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