Definitely a superhero outfit in the making.. |

Sunday, 10 August 2014

(^ This is the face of an overly amused Charmaine, 
based on the fact of a wasp attacking my friend and fellow photographer for the day)

   | Playsuit | Missguided |
   | Kimono | Primark |
   | Necklace | *PunkyPins |
   | Clutch | *Missguided |
   | Sandals | Topshop |

 First, please appreciate that throughout the whole time of taking photo's for this outfit,
i probably ran up and down this stretch of road half a dozen times,
getting a sweat on,
trying to escape the wildlife my town has to offer.
me + wasps = not so great
it kept going in our hair (me and my friend that is), landing on the camera,
buzzing around my ear..
I personally just think he was a fan of my blog and wanted to hang around,
for a hella' longgggg time, eugh.

Now i have a major thing for kimono's,
and Primark atm are on the ball,
my friend (who was also taking blog posts)
had a bloomin' gorgeous one on, so jealous...
and I'll link her post below when it's up!

But this is what i picked up from the Oxford St. one before heading to Whembley to see Eminemmm
and it was only £8's?!!!!
The long style are definitely my favourite length,
and Eminem, well.. that boy..

This playsuit is also a bloody bargain atm, £12's in the sale on misguided right now!
With all sizes still in stock!!

I was sent this cute little necklace from Punkypins a few weeks back too,
i loved the fact that the image was printed onto some plastic,
and it's just a fun piece of jewellery!

They literally have tonnes of designs on their site, 
from earrings to rings, to being able to personalise your own bits and bobs..
I even managed to get something with my name on, finally!!
Never had a 'charmaine' on a pen or mug when i was little..

Thanks for reading and for all of your comments


  1. So nice to see you posting again, you look amazing as always x

  2. Bladdy gorgeous as per usual Charmaine, such a mega babe x

  3. Love the kimono you look so pretty!

  4. This look is super cute ! Love the prints !


  5. Fab!! Love that playsuit, and these photos are hilarious/adorable x

    Hannah /

  6. You've convinced me to get that kimono! You look amazing x

  7. Ah I love this outfit! Can't believe the kimono is Primark?! Look fab as always x

  8. Oh my gosh that playsuit is perfection! Way too cute!

  9. Amazing outfit, love the playsuit!

    Julia x

  10. I love that playsuit and I'm sooo jealous that you got to see Eminem! I wanted tickets so badly but was on holiday! <3

  11. Such a perfect outfit & I bet Eminem was amazing!

  12. love this outfit! I've got the same playsuit and it looks amazing on :) so flattering

    Belinda Louise | Fashion Crossing

  13. I have this playsuit its so nice isn't it! Great outfit :)
    Check out my blog:

  14. you're so cool ha!

  15. Oh my goodness this playsuit is SO cute! :)
    Love the kimono layered on top too!

  16. You are such a babe! You look like a boho superhero, so cute xx

  17. Hey, hey gorgeous look! Like the hair, haha :D

    i'm new follower :)

    Greetings from Slovenia! :)

    Maybe following? Let me know,


  18. I was literally thinking that kimono is so cute, then realised I actually have the same one :P Great outfit x

  19. Love this look! and the playsuits gorgeous!! Xx


  21. Amazing outfit! Love all the photos

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  22. such a cute outfit! 60s vibes :))) xx

  23. wow, just found your blog and absolutely love it! you've got a great style and i love this outfit!


  24. I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well


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